The Paleo Process believes in you – your ability to heal, to make changes to improve your health, and to obtain balanced wellness.  This is what living and being Paleo is all about.  The Paleo Process is where health is the norm, where fear and frustration end, and the rest of your life begins.

Eat, cook and shop your way healthy

Learn how to eat, cook, and shop your way healthy. In this 5 week self guided program you will learn all aspects of what it means to eat well and how to sustain a healthy lifestyle.


Think and move your way to wellness and balance

Learn how to think and move your way to wellness and balance. In this 4-week self guided program you will receive steps and motivation to add mindfulness and movement into your life.


Invest in your health the functional way.

Two coaching programs designed for those who want answers to their health dilemmas and personalized solutions focused towards obtaining optimal health.



Adequate sleep and exercise, meaningful partnerships and careers – these are as important to a healthy life as the wholesome, real food we eaT.

Many components make up what it means to “live” Paleo.  We created The Paleo Process in order to share our mutual passion of helping people incorporate all components of living Paleo into their life.  Through our programs and coaching we help people listen to their body and make necessary changes to live a full, healthy life.  

We believe The Paleo Process is the most clear, true way to be healthy, in all ways.



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