Paleo is a buzz word these days. Like other “diets” it has become trendy in a way and while it is good for the Paleo movement, it doesn’t really help in explaining what Paleo really is.

This is what it is really about

A large component of “being” Paleo does have to do with food. Food informs so much of what we do, how we act, and live. It is integral to how we grow and are nurtured. If it is of the “real” variety, food literally gives life. So it is important that it be of a quality source that aids in how the body is meant to function.

When it comes to food and Paleo it is often suggested that Paleo just means you eat a lot of meat. And while meat and animal protein are proven components of a healthy meal plan it isn’t the only component. Dr. Symko has written about why animal protein is so important. And many others have written about why meat is so important, despite it being so vilified in society.

Paleo is about eating meat – sustainable sources. And it is about eating real-food – not the highly processed, sugar filled foods that have taken more of a center stage in our weekly grocery list.


Food should nourish, not be inflammatory to the body, give energy, and help us to sleep well. Some foods – like fresh vegetables and fruit, animal proteins, good fats – do that. Other foods – like processed and packaged foods, foods laden with preservatives and refined sugars – do not. And they never will.

But Paleo is more than the food we eat. It is about knowing how to listen to your body and mind – to hear what it needs and what does or doesn’t work well. It is about “feeding” your body in all areas of life that that aren’t found on a plate – career, spirituality, education, organization, exercise and self care – these all contribute to nourishing the body as a whole.

Adequate sleep and exercise, meaningful partnerships and careers, and effectively managing stress – are as important to a healthy life as the wholesome, real food we eat.”

The Paleo Process

This is where Process comes into play.

Figuring out what food works well for your body, what routines yield less stress and more productivity, what relationships fulfill and why, does take time. It’s all part of The Process, the road, the path towards overall wellness.

In no aspect of getting well and healthy is there really a quick fix – and thank goodness for it. We get spoiled in this day and age with social media and Internet and their ability to give us more and more information – quickly. But when it comes to your health and your well-being, the growth is in the work – the process. Life opens up in so many ways when we decide to look at what we want from our lives and therefore make decisions on what (and who) we let in our lives. This is what it means to live Paleo and be healthy in all ways.

When you hear the word Paleo, think meat if you must. But remember there is more to it. Remember that to live a life you truly want – where fear and frustration end and reaching goals and dreams begin – living Paleo, and all that the word implies, is your best chance at attaining it.

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