Getting healthy is often seen as a difficult feat. If we are unwell, we look at all that is stacked against us, the long road ahead, and all of the confusing information out there on what needs to be done in order to be healthy. It is daunting. It is overwhelming and feels unattainable. And it is a shame because getting healthy – feeling in a way that makes you feel like you are living your best life – does not have to be seen as an impossible feat.

Given half the chance, the body can heal itself.

First we need to believe in our body’s ability and that it can heal, and reverse certain disease; it can be more energized, and be the vessel we need it to be in order for us to do good, be good, and live well. But we have to do our part and feed it what it needs. We need to give it half the chance to heal by making better nutritional choices.

Think about it, food is fuel for the body. But not all fuel is alike. If you drive a 600 series BMW and put low grade gasoline in, your machine will not run optimally. Similarly, if you want to be active, work efficiently, feel fulfilled by life and you put low-grade, processed, preserved, sugar-filled food into your body, your machine will not run optimally. Period. Knowing this and practicing it is the first step in giving your body half the chance to heal, and feel healthy.

And then you must do this.

Keep it simple. Getting healthy does not have to be complicated. If feels complicated because of the plethora of confusing information on nutrition that is out in the media but if we dumb it all down, it can be quite do-able — easy even. A major factor to getting healthy is keeping it simple.

Too often we think we have to be on the right supplement, drinking smoothies every day, be at the gym for an hour a day, 5 days a week. We think food has to be expensive if it is to be healthy. And we pay no mind to what we are actually eating. We put a lot of pressure on the having to choose a “diet” and “deprive” ourselves of the nutrition that is right in front of our noses.

If we pay more attention to eating real food – with no labels or at least with ingredients your grandmother would understand – and less attention to what is prescribed by a particular diet or how many calories are in a certain packaged food, we might just find being healthy is simpler than we thought.

Try these tips for keeping it simple:

  1. Leave perfection out to pasture. A common mistake many people make – unbeknownst to them – when getting on a health kick is thinking there is a perfect or “right” way to cook. Sure there are ways that are more effective than others when it comes to chopping and prepping and seasoning. The sooner you realize that this is a process – where trial and error prevail – the sooner you can forget about what is perfect and focus on just getting a meal made.
  2. Plan ahead. For the bigger picture this means planning what you will eat for a week before you food shop. Where we get caught up and flustered by is what those meals will look like. Keep it simple. Pick an animal protein, pick a veggie or two (your aim should be at least 1 cup a meal). And think about your seasonings – how you will cook it. Pinterest is a great resource for that! Making chicken with salad and broccoli? Pop “Paleo chicken” into the Pinterest search bar and be prepared to be amazed at the plethora of options!
  3. Create and repeat. Whether you are just starting a healthy eating routine or it is ingrained in your lifestyle, there is no need to keep reinventing the wheel. Make a meal plan for one or 2 weeks and repeat it! There is always opportunity to change things up – when the spirit moves you, or when the seasons change and different foods are in season. Until then, stick to the plan!

If you need help keeping it simple while you get healthy, check out The Paleo Process Program on Food, Glorious Food. It will teach you how to eat, cook and shop your way to health!